20 February 2013

Diffusion of responsibility, MALAYSIAN, we have a problem

Diffusion of responsibility: sociopsychological phenomenon whereby a person is less likely to take responsibility for action/inaction when others present.

07.02.13, I did an ad-hoc experiment at LRTWangsaMaju
Spotted, a blind-man (ground floor) trying to locate the counter (1st floor)

Countless people passed by, NOBODY gives a damn!
After we’ve gotten the token, went to the platform, NOBODY moves from their spot at all!

Once we’re inside the train, I simply took out my book, pretending to read.
NOBODY gives way or offer him a seat.

In the end, I need to request few people to do so.

Seriously MALAYSIAN??!!!

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  1. OK...
    That video was a good one..

    Check it out guys..

    So that we're not infected with the "Diffusion of Responsibility"