02 February 2013

Luahan hati sbb GE ni ish ish

Do not simply convict people when you are neither the judge nor the witness. 
In the end, it’s between that person and God.

Daripada kite dok bashing each others weaknesses and fault, why not focus on the strength and what good can we bring. We are all human afterall, prone to all kind of flaws. Each person is gifted in their own special way. 

Earth is dying.. So many wars.. The attitude of kids nowadays are so worrying and yet we spend all our money and energy destroying each other..

And for what? Temporary power of rule? Temptation of money? 


  1. Replies
    1. General Election :)
      Tak suke bile kite start buruk2 kan org just to prove a point..
      i just want to live in peace hehe