15 January 2013

A Note To Self

We were having dinner at one of our favorite seafood restaurant when a family came and sit in front. As i was busy listening to Idlan's stories about his new school, and my husband was busy handling Fahren who likes to tease my 7mo baby Daleela, I noticed front table was quiet.

Apparently they were busy too.

the mommy was busy with her phone.
the daddy was busy replying to fb status (kantoi cikwokz! LOL)
the son was busy watching youtube in his tab.
the granny?

She was looking at my kids, (Maybe) listening to Idlan's stories.

I is sad.


  1. Granny down.. Takde tab.


    Situasi gini memang agak menular lately.. Pastu salahkan sesama sendiri tiada kefahaman la.. Orang tak faham kita la.. Camne memasing nak faham memasing.. Communication break down..

    1. hahahah kalau camtu aku pon nak down.. tak mampu nk kasik tab sorang satu kat anak2.. hahah so last2 semua tak dapat.. malas nk layan dorang rebut2...

    2. ahahaha mmg down! sian granny tuhh!