13 January 2013

Life as a Mother

First time as a mother. New role to pursue for the rest of my life. It was not easy at all! I have been on my own for about 29 years and you expect it to be easy to adapt?! Definitely not! 

Despite the hardness to make your life perfect, seeing your child smiling or crawling to you is such a bless.. the best moment i've ever had. I know i have to stick in and enjoy the moment to the fullest as child will only be child once in his life! I pray God gave me all the strength!


  1. Juga....

    You will only understand your mum when you become one..

    Aku, bila dah ada anak baru aku pandai appreciate budak2.. Selama ni aku agak kaku.. Heheh

    1. yezzaaaaa! espeseli bila tgk gmbr2 budak2 sakit/meninggal kat fb ke memana aku cepat touching weh! siap meleleh air mata pon ada! dulu bukan la xkisah, sedih jugak tp xdela sampai nangis..hehe