06 January 2013


Breastfeeding is now trending around the world. Apparently, mothers are taking this seriously as they did lots of research, readings,exposed to the benefits of breastfeed the babies. And i am one of the million mothers who support 100% of bfing! My son is now 10months old(while writing this) and he still had the chance to drink his mom's milk. Alhamdulillah. Yet i'm still fighting my best to make sure my son gets his best zat on earth. I did face the time when my milk decrease But i insist myself not to give up this very soon yet. Not now!

1 comment:

  1. Boleh aku bace:
    Fighting my breast
    ... Haha

    Bagus D! Aja aja fighting!
    Apperently.. Aku dah givap heheh..