23 January 2013

From a BIGsize girl to a PLUSsize lady (cewah)

I used to be a BIG-sized girl.. 

Alhamdulillah, sekarang rasanya  dalam kategori Plussize (yeay~~)

Since darjah 3, I’ve always been a big-sized girl.. Maybe one of the reasons,  Mama and Opah kuat masak food best-best!! And of course, saya suka makan (heee).
Dah start kerja ni, I’ve decided to change my lifestyle a bit. Not only to be healthier but mostly to stop hearing people say about how fat I am.. (painful ok, every single word was like a knife through my heart)

Me during zaman kegemilangan
p/s: Be nice to fat people because like u, we also have feelings 


  1. Anis pakai baju pkn...

    Nota tambahan: not all preggy ladies can take comments that their... 'Bigger' (cube mengelakkan penggunaan fat disini.. Heheh)

  2. dont bother with them anis.. btw saya rindu sama kamuuuu.. hihihi..

  3. plus size is not 'fat' either kannnn ;) because iols pon dalam kategori ini :P